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I was a participant of GETI 2013 in South Korea. Sharing, learning, praying, thinking, discussing, worshipping, laughing and crying together with christians from so many different countries was a privilege and an important experience for me. It encouraged me greatly to keep on journeying on that path that is called the Ecumenical Movement, because this is what christianity is all about for me: Being in community with Christ surrounding us.

Charlotte Eisenberg
PhD Candidate / University of Rostock

The reformers of 16th century Europe knew that reform and reformation are ongoing processes. Our church needs young people with faith and courage. I am convinced GETI ´17 is a very good place for them to grow in both especially through the intercultural encounter and theological as well as political debate.

Margot Käßmann
Ambassador of the Council of the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD) for the Reformation Jubilee

I find the ecumenical project GETI-17 fascinating, inspiring and very useful for Christianity and society especially in our times of dramatic changes, dangers, challenges and hopes.

Tomáš Halík
Professor at Charles University in Prague, President of Czech Christian Academy

In a time, when the conflicts and contradictions between nations, religions and denominations/confessions are over accentuated and which threatens the world peace a lot, it is certainly your commitment to a well-grounded ecumenical theology, which is specifically quite significant. I can only recapitulate: Peace is not possible among the nations without having peace among the religions and denominations. There will not be peace among the religions and denominations without dialogue. But effective dialogue is not possible without serious scientific foundation. I wish you all a lot of courage and commitment to the Christian ecumenism and to the World Ecumenism. It makes me happy to see that so many young theologians apply for Ecumenical Theology, which meant indeed for me a central concern all my life.

Hans Küng
Professor Emeritus for Ecumenical Theology at the University of Tübingen and initiator of the Foundation for a Global Ethics

Together transform Christianity all over the world – if these terms would have been there before 500 years ago, the reformers would have expressed solidarity. Today these concepts are more significant than ever before, and now, as then we need: shrewd people who will develop these ideas, courageous people who will articulate them and convinced and committed people who will further pass it on. And for this, the diversified denominations are theologically responsible to make it possible through intensive conversation diagonally, across all generations. In order to inculcate this, the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag provides a platform. And I am glad that in 2017, during the year of the Reformation anniversary, GETI will be there – with clever, courageous and committed people. Most welcome!

PD Dr. Christina aus der Au

I will warmly recommend GETI–17! In 2013 I participated in the global GETI gathering in Seoul/Busan. For me, this was an enriching and transformative experience. GETI does not only give you an opportunity to learn about global Christianity – but also to experience it. The combination of high quality lectures, study groups and spending time with students and teachers from all parts of the world opens up for a deeper understanding of the importance of the ecumenical movement!

Kristin Graff-Kallevåg
Postdoctoral fellow at MF Norwegian School of Theology

To act on the gospel imperative of Christian unity, ecumenical education is probably the only means of healing the painful ecclesial split of today. Not by creating a false sense of unity but by discovering the shining spark of truth that emerges after the clash of differing opinions. Thereby, GETI is one of the best educational tools I have been part of in recent years. It gives space for I) the head by transferring knowledge, II) the heart by developing not only understanding but love for one another and II) the hand by creating zest for action. GETI will change you, it shapes biographies, and all experiences and relationships that arise of this time together, will nurture you a life-time.

Mélisande Schifter
former Project Assistant, Ecumenical Theological Education Programme, World Council of Churches and co-organizer of GETI 2013 in Busan, South Korea.

Enjoy the GETI’17 to meet new friends.
You will realize that those friendships are valuable for the ecumenical family.
That’s what I experienced meeting friends from all over the world working on ecclesiology and ethics.

Margarithe Veen
Ordained Minister Protestant Church in the Netherlands, Chairperson Council of Churches in Friesland

It is a unique opportunity to directly witness and experience ecumenism and to fashion it together. I strongly support and recommend the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute in Berlin with great enthusiasm.

Jürgen Moltmann
Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at the University of Tübingen

At the end of GETI 2013 in South Korea one of my Students told me: "This was a life changing experience!" - The same will happen at the GETI'17.

Benjamin Simon
Professor of Ecumenical Missiology at the Ecumenical Institute Bossey

There was a rampant success for GETI at the WCC General Assembly in Busan. I am excited about the initiative of GETI'17. Intense questioning and listening, future disposition, worldwide conversations – it’s all a foretaste about GETI and I cannot offer something special or better than this to the Reformation anniversary: To assemble the future of ecumenism at one place and to create an inspiring community. Just as in Busan, where the General Assembly provided the framework for GETI, this time it will be on the Kirchentag during the Reformation-summer 2017. On the Kirchentag as customary, there will be several international guests exactly like the WCC Assembly. The theological and liturgical stimulating atmosphere of the Kirchentag fellowship will certainly benefit GETI and GETI will certainly enrich the Kirchentag!

Dr. Ellen Ueberschär
Generalsekretärin Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag

In each generation a journey towards unity usually starts with getting to know each other, with common activity out of which friendship and mutual respect can grow. It includes experiences of being nourished by the spiritual tradition and the intellectual depth of the other and sharing what one has with others in return. The contribution of the ecumenical programme GETI'17 represents this type of search.

Ivana Noble
Professor of Ecumenical Theology at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague

GETI is a great opportunity for young theologians to explore a theologia semper reformanda beyond and across borders. GETI can provide the possibility to experience how prayer and theological thought call for each other. Our churches and societies need well-educated theologians, sharp and open minded as well as warm and wide in their hearts.

Antje Jackelén
Archbishop of the Church of Sweden

Let us do among Christians of different denominations all that it is possible to do together; let us not do anything without taking the others into consideration. May the experience of living under the same roof and doing theology together at the Global Theological Institute '17 in Berlin manifest the unity which is given us in Christ.

Frere Alois
Prior of the Taizé Community

The object of GETI’17 is to prepare the young to learn about Ecumenism so that they can employ it throughout their lives. This is an unique opportunity for students to work, live and study together developing hearts as well as minds. Let’s turn GETI’17 theological mirrors into ecumenical windows!

Guy Liagre

GETI in 2013 afforded me the opportunity to meet scholars from all parts of the world who enriched our learning experience with their different perspectives. It enhanced my ecumenical experience. GETI 2013 reshaped my understanding of the mission of the Church in our world today.

Joseph Acheampong
Lecturer at Trinity College, Accra

For me, participating in GETI 2013 in Korea was truly a life-transforming experience. GETI not only introduced a unique model to pursue theological education in an ecumenical and dialogical way, but it also provided the participants with an opportunity to first-hand experience the spiritualities, ministries, and theologies of their fellow travelers on the journey of faith.

Pavol Bargar
Th.D., post-doctoral researcher at Charles University in Prague

I had the opportunity to participate in the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute which took part in South Korea 2013. It was an experience beyond many other events I taken part in. The fact that young theologians from so many different church traditions all over the world could meet, talk, and interact was so astonishing. I fell like after this event I see so many things different because my understanding of the life of the Church global has increased. Talking to, listening to and sharing with young people from all over the world gave me such a hope, in the midst of all the challenges that are facing in today´s world, that the voice of young theologians can and will have an impact for the better. So don’t miss an opportunity like GETI 2017 in Berlin.

Nils Malmström
Church of Sweden

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