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The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute – GETI’17

is an ecumenical-theological initiative for education and encounter for advanced theology students from all over the world who are studying in Europe. The concrete encounter and joint studies will contribute to a European network of contacts and strengthen the mutual perception of European and migration churches. Participants shall study and experience horizons of an ecumenical theology and ecclesiology.

The content orientation of GETI’ 17 can be summarised under three key words, which are outlined in detail below:


Reforming Theology

Migrating Church

Transforming Society

Antje Jackelén
GETI is a great opportunity for young theologians to explore a theologia semper reformanda beyond … read more

Mélisande Schifter
To act on the gospel imperative of Christian unity, ecumenical education is probably the only means … read more

Frere Alois
Let us do among Christians of different denominations all that it is possible to do together; let … read more

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